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Reverse engineering, quality assurance, 3D scan and CAD design

We carry out the optical 3D measurement for the production of high-precision CAD data records or for quality assurance. For the 3D measurement via reverse engineering we use several strip projection sensors 3D-scanners. For the 3D scan, reference points are also applied to the object, which makes the assembly of the different partial views highly accurate by workstations. The 3D scan is completely non-contact and object-friendly, with the latest 3D scanner technology.

The 3D digitization, ie the composition of the coordinates for each pixel happens in the computer.
After the 3D digitization, the point cloud in STL format is processed into a high-quality polygon mesh. Of course, we process this data set of the 3D-measurement afterwards and optimize it for you.

So we are your competent partner in the field of reverse engineering. In doing so, we enable you to display the physical object as a data model by means of 3D measurement or 3D scan. The presentation as a model allows you to operate further developments or to make a target / actual comparison 3D component analysis.
We create new CAD data for tools where there is no CAD data, or for tools with modifications such as welds by 3D measurement on site or in our design office or maintain the changes in existing CAD data sets.
We are gladly at your disposal for questions concerning data processing through reverse engineering, as well as for optical 3D measurement and 3D digitizing. Convince yourself of our many years of experience and thousands of successfully completed projects and satisfied customers.

3D-Surveying, Reverse Engineering & Contract Measurement by Ingenieurb├╝ro Digimold

Ingenieurb├╝ro Digimold Reverse Engineering is your experienced partner for 3D measurement, 3D digitizing. 3D scan, [PDF reverse engineering], reverse engineering and wage measurement.
We also offer quality assurance and CAD design. Whether automobile industry, model, mold or tool making, consumer goods industry, toy industry, injection molding, aerospace engineering or glass and porcelain industry - our services are versatile.

3D scan & 3D survey

Benefit from our many years of experience in 3D scanning and 3D measurement of various components, molds, injection molded parts, art objects and more.
With the 3D-Surveying and the 3D-Scan (3D-Digitization) we are able to capture both very small components of a few millimeters as well as objects several meters high with high precision and precision.
Our 3D-scan and the 3D-measurement convince by speed, precise 3D scan data as well as a fast availability of the measuring protocols and surface data.
Even serial measurements of hundreds of components and their automatic evaluations are no problem and can be made available very quickly.

Of course, we use the very latest 3D scanning technologies available on the market Throughout Germany, Digimold Reverse Engineering is available promptly and flexibly for a 3D measurement / 3D scan. Thanks to our mobile high-resolution 3D scan measuring systems, even large and heavy objects are no problem. After the 3D-scan / the 3D-measurement, the data are aligned according to CAD or drawing. Also, a target-actual analysis with shape and position tolerances is performed. If required, new surfaces can be created after the 3D-scan / 3D-survey or even changed tool data can be added to the existing CAD. Our service offers more than just a simple 3D scan. We perform highly accurate 3D scans of complex as well as simple components. Also, 3D component analysis, shape and position tolerances, QM analysis and much more are part of our extensive range of services. Digimold Reverse Engineering will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the 3D scan.3D Scan High-accuracy, Accurate and Fast.Digimold your 3D scanning experts.

Reverse engineering / reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering is the reverse path from the existing IST object to the data model. Existing components and objects are measured in the area feedback by means of precise 3D scans. With special software, the surface structure (area feedback) is then carried out directly on the scan data. During reverse engineering, surfaces are then manually placed on the prepared 3D scan data and a C2-continuous polysurface created. The polysurface can then be exported to standard CAD formats and edited again and again if necessary. Thus, the data created during reverse engineering can be redone.

Contract Inspection

You lack the necessary measuring capacities? We are happy to be available for wage measurement. We are working for you in the field of wage measuring throughout Germany and can build up our mobile high-resolution 3D-Scan measuring systems flexibly and promptly at your site. We do almost all kinds of wage measurements for you and offer them for single pieces as well as for series. In wage measurement, your object is scanned without contact and measured very precisely. In case of bottlenecks in your quality assurance, we are ready to assist you in the form of wage measurement.