3D Scan

3D-Scanning - Stripe Triangulation

The used stripe projection sensor works on the basis of the triangulation principle.

By means of a projection unit different stripe patterns are projected on to the object to be measured and scanned by one or two cameras, respectively.
With the help of reference markers applied to the object a highly-precise composition of different partial views is guaranteed.

The knowledge of the conjugate distance equation of the optics makes it possible to determine the three-dimensional coordinates for each of the 1.3 million camera pixels automatically and precisely on the computer.

After the digitizing process the three-dimensional cloud of dots consisting of different views is prepared to become a high-grade polygon mesh in the STL format.

Then, the data record is processed and optimised by various operations like transforming, packetizing, calculating the deviations, filtering and thinning the data networks, closing the holes etc.