3D Scan

High-End 3D Scanner
„Atos Triple Scan“

The ATOS Triple Scan is used where the highest quality of the measuring points is required or difficult environmental conditions digitizing or a 3D scan so far not allowed. He proves to be a very accurate, high-res and user-friendly optical 3d measuring system.

An advanced projection technology using Blue Light technology in conjunction with high-resolution cameras , guarantee a very high data quality with minimal measurement noise. In addition, 3d digitizing is under difficult environmental conditions or the measurement of very complex Component surfaces are possible. Especially when measuring glossy surfaces, fine structures and edges on components, this performance is particularly good.

The compact design of the 3D-Scanner ATOS Triple Scan enables the industrial Use on site even in hard to reach areas and allows a fast Adjusting the measuring volume to the required detail resolution.

With the 3D scanner Triple Scan even the smallest components can be 3D-measured. With a small measuring field can be measured very small components of a size of 30-100mm high accuracy.